End-to-End Testing of your APIs

Build and run tests that verify a running instance of your API

Create Use Cases

Easily build use case scenarios to simulate how users will interact with your APIs. Our tool helps you quickly and easily maintain use case scenarios of any size or complexity.

Validate Behaviour

Run your use case scenarios against local or remote environments - behind your corporate firewall or on the internet. Change one parameter to run the same tests against a different instance.

Continuous Testing

Integrate the testing of your APIs with your CI or CD system. With automated, end-to-end tests in place, you'll find issues before you go live.

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How It Works

  • Build Tests

    It's All JSON

    API Monkey test scenarios are saved as JSON files that can be managed by any version control system. You can build libraries of API calls, then link them together into realistic use cases. As it's all JSON, you can even automatically generate the library or use case files. And API Monkey's desktop app helps you develop and maintain your library and use case testing scenarios.

  • Parameterize

    Use Call Results in Other Calls

    When an API call is executed, API Monkey can extract any data item from the result and make it available for use in other API calls. This allows you to parameterize API calls in your library so that test runs are dynamic.

  • Verify Results

    Check Call Results

    The results of an API call can be verified at multiple levels - HTTP status code, HTTP headers, and/or result body contents (JSON, XML, HTML). A powerful query syntax is available for extracting and verifying result data.

  • Run Tests

    Automated Testing

    Once you've built a use-case testing scenario, you can run it directly in our desktop app. Or better yet, use our server app to run the use case tests automatically as part of your continuous integration (CI) or continuous deployment (CD) process. The server component integrates with major build servers such as Jenkins or Bamboo.